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10 Successful Women Share Their Best Life Advice

Success is something everyone wishes for but wanting it is an easy game –  to become successful, you have to make a difference. I believe serving others in a whole new manner is what we call success in business, Jim Rohn once said

“ Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Do not wish it were easier, wish you were better”

Nature has already told us, evolution comes with adaptability, if you are not flexible enough for handling the casualties coming your way, success will be a Gordian knot for you.

Success is not gender-biased:

Like men, women are also contributing an almost equal share in the society, gone are the days when people thought women incapable of handling office matters although women are apt in managing house chores you can not judge a lady by she being a homie.

Success is for hard workers, brave and resilient persons. Success and fortune do not show up for men only if someone is still assuming that women cannot be successful they must give it a second thought. It is the 21st century and our world is already experiencing the phenomenon of globalization, new opportunities are showing up every day both for men and women, more specifically for those who are ready to avail them.

It will be difficult to count the number of successful women and jotting down their life advices, but a few women and their precious advices can also work as a cherry on top for those who are already motivated and planning for start up their careers, before mentioning their advices here is a pro tip.

Here is a list of 10 successful women of the world:

  1. Angela Merkel

The first female chancellor of Germany. She was a physicist. She joined politics in 1989 after the issue of Berlin wall. With the passage of time she became the chairman of her political party and with constant struggled she succeeded for the first female chancellor in year 2005. She is considered as the most powerful lady and leader. She can control the European economy, she has handled the foreign policy of country in a very impressive manner. Moreover the most significant of all is her attitude in a male oriented environment.

  1. Anna Patricia Botin

She is a Spanish banker. Her father was a banker and she received this opportunity as a family business. Earlier in this decade she was ranked as the 100th most influential woman and in 2016 she reached at the 9th level. Her salary is more than 100,000,000 euros.

  1. Ann Sanders

A writer and a journalist. She started her career from Australia and within 10 years she became the most envied personality of western Australia. Now she is a founder of AGreenHand.

  1. Theresa May

Known for her struggle, Theresa May is the British Premier. She started off as a banker in Bank of England. Then she was promoted as the head of European affairs unit. That is how her political carrier started. Later she tried to join the House of Commons and her determination made her the most powerful lady of the UK.

  1. Marry Bara

First CEO of an international auto making company. She is an electrical engineer and studied business and Stanford graduate school of business. She started working in this company as an intern.

  1. Abigail Johnson

The CEO of American Investment Funds and a co-owner of fidelity international. Her financial value is almost $16 billion dollars.

  1. Malinda Gates

She is the founder of world’s most influential philanthropic movement. Earlier she was a general manager in Microsoft. She is recognized as a national hero in United states of America.

  1. Susan Wojcicki

The CEO of one of the world’s most viewed site, YouTube. Initially she worked with google and intel. In 2014 she became the CEO of YouTube.

  1. Merilyn Hewson

Graduated form Columbia business school. She started her carrier as a chief operating officer in Lockheed corporation in 1983. Now she is the owner and chief executive officer of the same company.

  1. Ginni Rometty

Chairman of IBM. Before this she was working as an engineering analyst in general motors.

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