10 Spider-Man Suits We Want The New PS4 Game To Bring

Spider-Man is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. The blue and red suit, the spider-web design and the large eyes are recognizable the world over. The new Spider-Man game for PS4 is full of great costumes. There are more than 20 amazing suits that players can collect and wear in the game. From the classic black from the 1980’s to the Spider-Ham, here is a list of 11 suits that gamers all around the world would like to see in new DLC.


In the Secret Wars #8, released in December of 1984, this suit had its debut. It was designed by Marvel artist Mike Zeck at the request of, then Editor in Chief Jim Shooter. This symbiotic costume is still the most attractive next to original in Amazing Fantasy #15.

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