10 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Translation Service

We are witnessing that today`s world is all about information and communication. When we say that, we don’t only mean communication between the people, we are saying that communication between departments within a certain company, or between two or more companies.


It doesn`t matter you are running a small business or a multi-billion company, it is of utmost importance that you have proper communication between your customers, potential customers, and as we said, within your own company.

Language can be an uncrossable barrier for some. In the world of business in the 20th century, that was crossed with the use of computers. Now, you can translate anything you can think of with only one click of the mouse. But is it as good as it should be in business communication?

We can`t stress how important is to have a proper one. Your business can potentially depend on that. For example, you want to translate your whole company`s website. Why should you pay some money to the professional, instead of translating it on only one click? Here`s why.

Machine Can Make Translation Mistakes


If we want to be honest, we must say that machines are making many mistakes, even when a person is controlling them. For example, translating something from Mandarin to German can have a totally different meaning. How will you explain that to your customers?

Of course, most of the job that would be done by a machine is going to be superb. However, there is some small percentage that is not going to be as good. And that small percent can be crucial. You don’t want to be unprofessional in the eyes of your clients. We believe that hiring a professional translator is a better option.

The Consistency is the Key

Choosing to translate your documents through a machine is not a good thing you want consistency. Naturally, a machine is a machine, it doesn`t think of your documents as something important, and surely, it will not look to use specific terms that you need in your documents. A linguist knows exactly what his customers want. Also, he knows how to get the job done to customers utmost satisfaction.

The Accountability of the Translator


When mistakes happen, who is being held accountable? Well, if you are hiring a human translator, the answer is pretty clear. If you used a machine for translation, no one will be held accountable besides you. This is only natural. The translation company can explain their mistakes, and work together with you to solve the problems that emerged or give you your money back as a last resort.

The Culture Can Have Different Meanings for Different Sayings

When we are talking about barriers, we must know that the language is not the only barrier. Another one is called culture. Said plainly, you just came up with some slogan, and you want it to appear on your website or marketing campaign.

However, when you transcribe that slogan into the language of your customers and you don`t know that it means something offensive, that is a problem. Hiring a professional linguist will provide you with their knowledge of the culture, so you will not have that kind of problems.

Confidentiality Doesn`t Exist for a Machine


In order to translate your document, you must upload it on the internet. Naturally, the confidentiality of your documents can be compromised. This is especially dangerous if you are transcribing some important, financial documents for your firm. Hiring a linguist will surely provide you with some confidentiality, and we believe, he or she will do a better job than the machine.

Specialization is Another Important Thing

For example, your business is pretty specialized. That means that the communication of your business must be the same. Most of the translators are specialized in some areas or industries, and they know the terminology that is frequently used.

Having that kind of help while translating your documents will be way better than you translating your documents on machines. Surely, that way you will meet the expectations of your customers. If this the case with your business, you should try contacting The Word Point. They will have the solution to your translation problems for sure and people specialized in various fields.

You Have Additional Assurances from Human Translator


The majority of translation companies are using two translators for the same job. So, your document will be looked at one more time before it is presented before you. The cooperation between these two translators is crucial for a successful translation. They will discuss the terms used in the document, and what can be done better.

Communication with the Translator

Mistakes happen, simply that is how it is. Also, when translating, you can have problems with understanding certain terms. Would you like to have someone to talk to if things go bad? Of course, you would. If you choose to use a machine for translation, you would need to be on both of the sides of that conversation, and you will only waste your time.

The Quality You Get for Your Money

When the dust is settled, it only comes to the quality of the translated document. Then you see if that work was worth your money. Machines are available in a wide arrange of shapes, sizes, and forms, and they have various prices and quality. Certainly, hiring a human translator will spare you from wasting your time and money. No matter how good the machine is, it can`t replace a good old human.

The Translators Have Help with Their Work


Earlier, we talked about two translators who are translating your document together and are going through it several times. Well, if you decide not to hire a translator through the company, and you use a single translator, you should not have any fear. The translator will surely have all the help they need. How?

Well, most of the translators have accounts on several platforms that are like a social network for translators. Can you think of how big of help is that to a solo translator? When it comes to companies, they have groups, so your document can be translated by more than three people at the same time.