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10 Reasons Why Driving a Tesla is Like Playing a VR Game

Tesla has changed the way we think about cars forever. Not only they are environment-friendly, but they are also packed with amenities and features not found in any other model on the market today. Apparently, that is what you get when you have a huge nerd who grew up on sci-fi in charge of the company. It is no wonder then that driving one of Tesla models often feels like playing a computer game or even a VR simulator. These are our reasons, but we are sure you may have a few of your own as well.

Ridiculous Acceleration Puts You in A Racing Game

When a car goes from zero to 60 in 2.4 seconds, it is very fast by any standard., and that is exactly what Tesla is. It is the type of acceleration that will jam your head into the headrest until you let go of the gas pedal. YouTube is filled with videos of Tesla acceleration used as a prank to people unaware of just how quick the car is.

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Emergency Braking Is Like Nothing We Have Ever Seen

Just like acceleration will push you back into your seat, emergency breaking will leave you hanging in your seatbelt. In case you aren’t wearing one, consequences can be a lot more serious. Still, it is a preferred outcome to becoming another car in a highway pileup you didn’t notice on time. Fortunately, Tesla is always watching for things like that and will apply the full power of its breaks if it detects an obstruction on the road.

Collision Warning Keeps You Safe

If Tesla detects something on the road that poses a danger, it will sound a collision alarm, just like in a game. It gives you enough warning to step on the break and stop before hitting a pedestrian or a car in front of you.

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Blindspot Monitors See Everything

Ability to see your blind spot on the car’s screen can be a profound experience. In games, it is something we can expect, but in a car? Not really.

Autopilot Let’s You Drive Hands-Free

This is one of the most futuristic features in Tesla. Why bother holding the wheel at all, when you could be reading or sleeping? The car does everything, just like in a VR game. Enjoy the scenery while Tesla gets you to your destination.

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The Summon App Brings Your Car to You

Can’t be bothered to walk to where you parked your car? It is raining and you don’t want to get wet? No problem, get your phone out and use Summon App. Just like in a James Bond movie, your Tesla will come to you. It may spook a few people it meets on the way seeing a car driving by itself, though.

The Auto-Park Feature for All of Us Who Hate Parallel Parking
If you struggle with parking, then this feature is a blessing for you. No need for endless maneuvering and embarrassment that follows it anymore, just click on the parking icon and Tesla will park itself. You don’t even have to be in the car. And it will be perfectly parallel each time.

The 17-Inch Touchscreen Is Ridiculously Big

The first thing you see when you sit in a Tesla is a huge 17-Inch Touchscreen. The thing is bigger than most laptops and occupies the entire central console. Even if you don’t know anything about the car, once it lights up, you immediately realize that this is no ordinary vehicle. The touchscreen provides control of many of Tesla’s features, plus it serves as an infotainment center. If you are bored, it also lets you draw on it. How neat is that?

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A Glass Roof for Star Gazing

One of the coolest features of a Tesla is the ability to see all around with its glass roof, which makes it perfect for stargazing, just like in a VR simulation. The feature is so awesome that it is surprising no other car maker has thought of it before.

Surround Sound System

With eleven speakers and a massive eight-inch woofer, Tesla’s sound system rivals those found in any studio. The only similar experience would be using quality headphones, like the ones found in a good VR set.

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