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10 reasons to consider software outsourcing to Ukraine


Software outsourcing to Ukraine gains popularity day by day with Ukrainian developers recognized as an ideal investment by companies all over the world. The country is close to Western states by the mentality and has a convenient time zone; it hosts a large pool of talented coders ready to work for highly affordable rates and is ideal for clients seeking optimal outsourcing solutions in many other ways. Experts of Qubit Labs dig deeper into the causes of Ukraine’s software outsourcing solutions being the preferred choice of a growing number of clients.

Ideal Time Zone

Ukraine is located close to most European countries, which ensures a minimal time difference of 1-2 hours allowing a significant overlap of the in-house and outsource teams’ working time. Thus, when hiring programmers from Ukraine, European companies can count on a great blend of their teams and dedicated teams. The time difference with the USA is bigger, but still, you can get 2-3 hour overlap.

Impressive Talent Pool

According to the latest stats, Ukraine offers a huge talent pool in the IT sector exceeding 160,000 professionals. Thus, in the conditions of rising coder rates and reducing the availability of required tech stack in major Western states, such a pool of talent is a rich source of staffing solutions.

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Advanced Tech Education

Besides having over 160 thousand qualified working developers, Ukraine also invests heavily into the expansion of this talent pool by offering highly advanced, competitive higher technical education. As a result of such a strong national focus on education yields over 36,000 tech graduates ready to enter the professional software development sector every year. In such a situation, foreign clients are always spoilt for choice.

Good Command of English

Ukrainian developers are known for advanced knowledge of English; such proficiency allows more effective communication in the process of work and simplifies the software outsourcing collaboration.

Convenience for Travel

Ukraine is convenient for foreign businesses in many ways; first, there are numerous international airports to which clients may come from all corners of the world to visit their dedicated teams. Second, the rates for travel are affordable and the timing is also comfortable, with trips from major European cities to Kyiv taking 1-3 hours at most.

Cost/Benefit Balance

Rates for software development is highly competitive in Ukraine, while the tech stack and experience of developers are advanced. Thus, companies hiring coders here always get the most for their money.

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Developed IT Outsourcing Sector

The Ukrainian software outsourcing sector responds to the rising demand for Ukrainian developers with active development and a vibrant tech community. The country hosts over 1,000 software development enterprises, dozens of staffing vendors, and witnesses a realm of tech startups.

Good Cultural Fit

Ukraine is culturally close to Europe, so there is no cultural incongruence in establishing multinational project teams.

Favorable Environment for International Businesses

Ukraine has a highly favorable business climate fostering direct investment and encouraging the collaboration of Ukrainian workforce with Western companies. Thus, foreign clients find low taxes, affordable rental rates, and other benefits fostering business growth here.

Client-Oriented Business Approach

The last but not the least benefit that foreign enterprises see in hiring Ukrainian coders is the client-oriented approach of outsourcing vendors. While freelancers often act irresponsibly and disappear from projects, Ukrainian developers enjoy favorable reviews worldwide in terms of responsibility and accountability with clients. Moreover, due to the cultural homogeneity of the country, there are only 11 paid holidays during which the employees don’t work. As compared to other outsourcing destinations, this number is the smallest.