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10 Pictures of Great Trucks Destroyed by Awful Ideas

Trucks are some of the most practical vehicles ever created. They are big, they handy and they are fun to ride. Many other cars struggle to tick at least one of these boxes, let alone all three. That is why we are appalled that modifications like the ones you will find below exist. There isn’t an ounce of practicality in any of these trucks, which is an affront to every truck owner on the planet.

The Triple-Axle Monstrosity

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Additional axles can do wonders for a truck’s loading capacity, which is about the only legitimate reason to add them. Unless you are this guy, who added not one, but two axles under the bed of his truck and the only reason we can see is that he can fit additional chrome rims. Why have four when you can have eight of them?

The Bed Dancer

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The first thing that comes to mind when you see this truck is an Autobot having a seizure. Not only the entire truck is filled with way too many hydraulic actuators, but the entire bed is also cut in pieces so it can rotate and change shape. A great way to make a truck completely useless.

Mini Semi

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If your dream is to have truckers on the highway go “Awwww” when they see your truck, this is a great modification for you. It looks just like a toy for a 400-pound boy who couldn’t get a truckers’ permit.

The Stretchy Truck

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A sensation on the race track, The Stretchy Truck was a monster. We say was, because during one of its races it flipped and ended up on the roof, never to race again. It was powered by Chevy 502 with two Borg Warner 82mm turbos, delivering 1,200 horsepower, enough for a top speed of 155 mph. It turned out it was too fast for its own good.

The Dumper Dodge

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This is what happens when people with enough money decide to fulfill their childhood dreams and play with real-size dumping truck. There is not a single reason for this Ram to have a dump bed unless you are planning on giving your drunk friends a nasty surprise for a Fourth of July parade. It’s not like you are going to haul any loose loads that require dumping any time soon. The Dodge Ram can actually be customized to the teeth, but we recommend you work with a company who specializes in this versatile truck, for more details check Titan Diesel Sports.

The Dually Slammer

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A cross between Mad Max and Moulin Rouge, this poor dually is dragging its belly on the asphalt every time it moves. Not only it is ridiculously low, enough to throw fireworks on the move even on flattest surfaces, the owner also decided that spikes on front rims would be an excellent addition. He was wrong.

The Super Dually Flat Rod

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Another dual victim of its owner’s artistic ambitions and mechanical proves. The design is inspired by rat rods of the past, which is a worthy idea, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Even if we forego the silly double tires on rear axle on a truck that was clearly never intended to carry anything in the bed, the idea of leaving those same tires naked is beyond comprehension.

The Hoonitruck

The Hoonitruck is a very controversial build among truck lovers, mostly due to the fact that the owner decided to replace the F100 original Big Block V8 engine with an EcoBoost V6. Many feel that his driver’s license should be revoked just for that atrocity alone. Others feel that it is wrong for a truck to have a NASCAR livery since it clearly ain’t participating in Daytona any time soon.

The Dodge Ram Daytona

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Speaking of Daytona, how about this one? The designers decided to name this Ram Daytona and yet, they put a puny 5.7L Hemi under the hood. Who does that? At least give it a proper Big Block engine, if you are going to name it Daytona, not to mention that idiotic 11-inch spoiler at the back.

The Hummer H2

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Transforming one of the most iconic military vehicles for civilian use would seem like a slam dunk for any company unless that company is GM. Instead of creating an ultimate off-road vehicle that would continue selling for at least couple of centuries, they decided to make a status symbol out of it, resulting in a truck that struggles to get over a speed bump. This got environmentalists’ panties to twist in a bunch and H2 got a reputation worse than Hitler.


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