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10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

The meaning of dreams, however, had already been a subject of study for ancient peoples, and as studies and researches report, their message was to be attributed to contact with the deities.

The ages change, the latitudes and even the conditions of those who dream change, but this phenomenon keeps its charm intact! When a loved one who no longer visits your dreams, he has a special message to communicate.

Dreams about being followed

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Who has never dreamed of escaping from what is currently perceived as an imminent threat? According to Wallace, those who dream of being followed have a problem that they don’t know how to deal with.

The British psychologist argues that this type of dream experience allows the subject to identify his unexpressed talents and pursue his ambitions, it is enough to identify the problem he is running away from.

Dream about losing your teeth

Those who dream of losing their teeth instead have a problem of self-esteem, according to Wallace the loss of the ability to chew presupposes the lack of confidence in their own means to face certain life problems.

In this case, the psychologist advises his patients to face the situation, taking it as a challenge, stopping feeling powerless.

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Dream about not finding the bathroom

Sanitary facilities are the tool used to solve the most urgent needs of human beings. According to Wallace, to dream of needing the bathroom, without being able to find it, means that the dreamer has a problem identifying and prioritizing his own needs.

This happens, according to the psychologist, especially to those people who favor dealing with the problems of others rather than their own.

Dream about getting c

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One of the worst nightmares for some people is to find themselves without clothes in front of a group of acquaintances. Clothing, according to Wallace, allows us to present a certain image of ourselves to others, remaining naked in public, therefore, suggests vulnerability of the subject to criticism from other people.

The dreamer then feels exposed to the judgment of others and the advice given to these patients by the British psychologist is to open up with the people around them, in order to realize their talents.

Dream of being unprepared for an exam

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In 2016, the British newspaper The Guardian conducted a survey in the United Kingdom, which revealed that 45 percent of those surveyed had dreamed at least once that they had not passed an exam, this was especially true for women.

Dreaming of an exam is a critical judgment of one’s life experience, so Wallace advises you to accept your talents instead of judging them.

Dream about flying

The experience of flying in a dream suggests a liberation of the subject from the difficulties that plagued him. Wallace argues that these dream experiences underline the person’s ability to make important decisions in solving their life problems.

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Dream about falling

The feeling of falling, according to Wallace, indicates that one is taking too much to heart a particular experience of one’s life and its consequences. The psychologist advises to face any difficulty in a more serene way and, rather than worrying about losing control of one’s life, one must trust one’s own abilities and those of the people one is surrounded by.

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Dream of losing control of your vehicle

Several people dream of losing control of their vehicle and this, according to Wallace, represents the subject’s ability to make progress towards a certain goal, which the dreamer believes he cannot reach.

In this case, the psychologist advises, instead of trying to control the situation, to allow one’s instinct to choose the best path for oneself.

Dream of finding yourself in an empty room

According to Wallace, the rooms of a house in a dream represent different aspects of one’s personality, so finding oneself in an empty room suggests the unconscious need to discover one’s own unexpressed talent.

The more time a person spends exploring their abilities, the more likely they are to find other aspects of themselves that will offer them different opportunities in their lives.

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Dream about bugs

Dreaming of insects is an unpleasant dream that the dreamer perceives as worrying and negative and is linked to a similar unpleasantness or concern in some areas of his life.

Insects are so different from humans, so “alien”, numerous and prolific to provoke an innate sense of alarm and the fear of coming into contact with them, of being damaged, contaminated, invaded.

It is no coincidence that different types of insects are presented in horror films as a mortal threat, they are a sure expedient to provoke reactions of disgust and terror that are rooted in personal background and lived experiences, but above all in the sense of belonging to a completely different genus: that of warm-blooded animals. More about this type of dreams, you can read here.

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