10 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting A Franchise

Opening a business is one of the biggest decisions you can ever make in your life, but opening a franchise requires critical thinking and excellent research skills. Owning a franchise isn’t less of a risk than setting up a small business. Many entrepreneurs have had the dream of buying into a franchise while others want to start their own franchises to avoid the challenges that come with starting a business, but it could go either way. As the franchise industry booms, it’s good to know the ten mistakes to avoid when starting one.

  1. Going Broke

When you buy into or start a franchise, don’t forget that just like any other business, the first days might not be profitable. Before becoming a franchisee, ensure you have a capital back up to fund your company when it’ making little profit or none.

Prepare to record loses as well. Don’t quit your job yet or find an alternative. Bottom line, ensure you are making cash on the sides to sustain yourself before the take-off.

  1. Failing to Follow the Entire Franchise System

Following the franchise system of your choice is vital. Some people ignore the franchise systems that aren’t comfortable for them and go for the system that pleases them.

Actually, you should make sure that you are using the entire system, not a piece of it because that system carries your success and you should never doubt the concept pertaining to franchise success.

  1. Skipping Research

Every business venture promises millions, and some of them will take your time before you realize they were just too good to be true. You should choose a franchise that you can depend on for a long time.

It’s good to inquire whether the market is ready for your business and whether the franchise promises growth and success.

  1. Researching One Franchise Only

Learning about just one franchise is like walking into a car dealer and picking your car of choice without checking the others. One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to compare things before making decisions.

How else would you tell the best franchise apart from making a comparison? Research different franchises in multiple industries.

  1. Placing Your Cards on the Latest “Big Thing”

Focusing on a business that seems fashionable could be a blunder, and you know that anything fashionable doesn’t last. You should buy into a franchise because it represents your interests.

For example, buy into a real estate franchise because you are passionate about helping people buy their own homes.

  1. Not Acquiring the Right Financing

Opening a franchise and getting the funding you want isn’t easy. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs realize this when it’s too late, and their resources are wasted. In case you are buying into a franchise, expect the bank to ask for at least 30 percent down payment. Use your savings to solve this requirement.

  1. Thinking You Know Everything

If you have a background in business, you might think that you are already set to become a franchise. It’s recommended to attend franchise conferences and join networking groups to get help and advice.

  1. Failing to Interpret the Franchise Model

When buying a franchise, you want to be an entrepreneur with a support system back up to help you in the business. It’s easily said than put into practice. To be successful, begin by understanding the basic franchise model and its corporate culture.

  1. Failing to Engage the Franchisor Support

Franchisors have experience opening multiple locations, and you can depend on them for your advertisements. Engage a franchisor and their employees in the first few months since most offer support for starters.

  1. Focusing Less on Marketing

Once your franchise business is successful, you might think it’s now okay to slow down on marketing. Encourage your customers to buy your services and products to grow and count profits.


Even though most franchises are regarded as businesses that have established themselves, buying one doesn’t mean there is no risk. Learn the mistakes people make above to stay safe.