10 Brilliant Ideas to Bond With Your Children

We spend most of our time grooming our children in a certain way. We teach them the behavior which we feel is acceptable in society. Even their tiny actions are monitored. If something is found undesirable than that trait is rooted out. This is primarily how we have grown up, and this is how we want our children to grow.

Some parents are high-maintenance while others are a bit easy going. Taking into account a child’s mentality, both these situations prove counter-productive. It falls on us to use a balanced approach. This way, they can grow up to be more caring and have a much deeper bond with their parents.

Here are 10 brilliant ideas to bond with your children.

1. Read A Book Together

Reading a book is a peaceful experience. Finding the time to share the eagerness of learning new stories is quite gratifying. You can ask your child about his or her views on the book’s subject matter. This will help your kids to communicate with you their thoughts. You can read the book in parts. Each time you will find them more excited than before.

2. Teach Them New Skills

A kid learns a lot from his or her parents. You can teach them basic skills like how to make a bed, press their clothes, and tie a knot. The trick is to make it a fun activity so that the children may not feel like it is a burden on them. This way they will feel more inclined to take part in such initiatives.

You can teach different DIY stuff for gadgets that will not only help in bonding but also come in handy. For example, making smartphone covers, DIY tablet stand are some of the activities which help you develop good bonding with your children. These activities also enhance team building skills. Visit for more ideas about tablet stands.

3. Take Them Out For Ice Cream

To bond with your children, it is prudent that you fulfill their wishes. Ice cream is one of the most favorite things of kids. So, take some time out of your schedule to take your little ones to an ice cream parlor.

4.  Walk Or A Long Drive

It is extremely frustrating for the kids to stay at home all the time. They are at such a stage of their life when they are naturally curious about their surroundings. So, it is a good idea to take your kids out for a walk or a long drive. You can go to a park or a mart as long as your child is interested in it.

5. Play Physical Games

Children need to release their pent-up energy one way or another. They can either be in the form of a tantrum or physical activity. To control their impulses, it is better to play games with the children. Choose their favorite games even if you do not like it to make them realize their importance.

6.  Make Forts And Castles

You can construct a fort with the help of children with sofa cushions and boxes. Little kids love this activity. This will add to the cool factor and make them think that you are one of them. If there is a beach nearby, you can make sand castles. It is a fun little way to share time, plus it promotes a team spirit.

7. Dance And Music

Children love listening to music. No matter what age they are, when the music starts playing, they get active. It is like a switch is turned on inside them. You can sing along with them or if the mood strikes, swing a little. You can also teach them some cool moves of your own. Moreover, it can break any ice, even if your kid is depressed. Mom and Dad can both join in and make it a family affair.

8.  Special Dining

It will be a nice change to break away from your hectic routine once in a while. Waking up early in the morning and eating breakfast out in the park can be a good way to do so. You can also take your kids out for lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant.

9. Teach Creativity

Painting and drawing are some basic creative projects; you can do with your kids. Children tend to procrastinate when it comes to hard labor. So, painting can be conceived by them as more of an entertaining exercise rather a work.

If you are willing to take it to another level than handicrafts are the way to go. However, keep in mind that it requires a fair amount of skill. Building anything complex can be tricky for a kid, so start with something small, like a doll or puppet.

10. Conversation

Last but not least, if you want to bond with your children, then have a conversation with them. You can sit on a bed and pull up a blanket or in a garden. Any place your youngster feels comfortable is ok. The point is to make them relaxed enough so that they let their guard down.

The topic of the discussion can be anything, ranging from school friends to their favorite show. Be mindful of the fact that you should allow them to go about it in their own sweet time. Forcing them into a chat will not prove productive. They should be given the impression that this is a safe place for them to speak their hearts.


A child is like clay; you can mold it into any shape you want. It is sensible to always take a calculated approach, as they are impressionable. You have to keep in mind that whatever you teach them today, they will pass it on to the next generation.

As children evolve with age, parents have to stay dynamic to connect with them. A little time together can prove very beneficial. Remember, for kids, it is the shared experience that matters. All the above guidelines will help in developing a strong bond between you and your children.